Traveling and Running

For regular runners, going on a vacation or a business trip may be rather disturbing. Once running becomes a habit, it is hard not to go outside and run, but changing your everyday routine, location and much more is rarely easy to adjust with the things like running.

When you know you are going away and you want to maintain your running habit during that time, there are some things you should consider before you leave the house.

First of all, get to know the place you are going to. It may have a different climate than your home, and you will have to take different clothes or run in an unusual time of the day.

Check the customs. It is not a good idea to run in a short pants and a sports bra in countries where woman walk around covered from the head to the toe.

Check the place where are you going for a good running path before you reach there.

When you prepare for a trip, make sure you take all the necessary equipment. That involves running clothes and shoes, as well as other gears.

Think how long will you stay there and, according to it, take the necessary amount of clothes.

Don’t overdrive, but if you happen to be away for two weeks and you take just on a tracksuit and you have to hand wash it every day, you created yourself an unnecessary problem.

If you go to the other country or continent and change time zones, running session right after reaching your goal is a good way to fight a jet lag.

Another great thing about running when you travel that it is a great way to see things and explore the new environment.

Running will give you a chance to see things you would never see as a regular tourist.

Make sure to involve running into your daily routine while you are not at home. It may be more challenging, especially if you are on a business trip, but where is a will, there is a way.

You may shorten up your regular running session if you can’t find enough time, but even that is better than avoiding it completely.

If you travel for running, which means you are leaving your home to perform on some race, there are some other things you should consider.

It is not an easy thing to accommodate on a strange and unfamiliar place, eating unknown food and sleeping in a hotel bed.

If you have to go on a race as well, it may significantly affect your performance.

It is not always possible, buy try to come to your destination at least two days before the race to accommodate.

If you are significantly changing time zone, that period of accommodation should be even longer.

Also, if you can, stay there for a day or two after the race to rest and enjoy the place without the pressure.

If you can, rent an apartment or a house instead of a hotel room. That way you will rest much better and you will be able to eat things you prepared.

It is probably impossible to find a place to stay near the place where the race starts, especially on some big races, but it would be great if you could walk to the start line.

Before you reach your destination, find the directions from the place where you are staying to the start line.

No matter where are you traveling, take several running clothes with you. Weather report may predict the hot weather, but you never know when some unexpected rain will chill the day.

If you are sweating before the race because you took a winter suit or if you are freezing during the race, there is no chance to do your best.

If you travel by plane, take your racing gear as a carry-on, just in case your luggage gets lost. And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy..