Yoga for Runners

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Yoga might not be as intensive and heart-pounding form of exercise that your frequent running provides, but yoga indeed helps significantly in developing flexibility and strength that no other form of intense activity could provide.

Yoga practice is essential for almost all runners out there, as running leads to muscle tightness which could further lead to injuries.

In our current way of life constituting mostly of ideal sitting jobs and chores hence reducing flexibility of naturally shortened hamstring.

Almost suddenly then we go out to intense training without giving much time for regaining flexibility, thus ultimately exerting more stress on the hamstring resulting in hamstring injury.

Thus there is an urgent need to increase our overall flexibility so as to reduce the chances of attaining

Thereby yoga serves the crucial aspect while dealing with flexible aspect of training, as yoga is the effective way to increase the overall flexibility of our body.

Henceforth, preparing our body to take on extreme exertion posted through heavy and intensive running.

In particular women body are more susceptible and fragile towards intensive set of workouts, thereby it is of immense importance for women to initiate regular yoga practice besides routine aerobic training.

As yoga helps in loosening of tight muscles and hence overall reducing the chances of injuries attained during intense workouts.

  • Yoga helps in improving strength:

Yoga poses help in strengthening of the quads, core, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Presence of weak hamstring will pose runner at greater risk for developing injury.

As running exerts and tests your overall body setup thereby it’s essential to reduce stiffness from our body.

As a stiff body leads to muscle tightening and further leads to muscle rupture.

Women in particular can focus and practice yoga much easily and actively as in general female bodies are far more flexible, henceforth performing almost all yoga poses with fewer efforts.

  • Yoga is effective for stretching:

We always neglect the importance of stretching while going out for our intensive workouts and training sessions.

Stretching helps in lengthening of dormant muscles without building sudden stress into them.

The intensive workout session poses sudden stress to the muscle hence causing inflexibility which further results in injuries.

Thus integrating yoga in to our daily routine and aerobic training will ensure lengthening of stiff muscles, thereby reducing injuries caused through muscle rupture and failure.

  • Yoga teaches breath control:

Yoga deals with calm and composed poses performed under controlled breathing.

During running lungs undergo strain which leads to fast and shallow breathing, thus supplying less amount of oxygen into our body.

Hence proper breathing allows a larger supply of oxygen through our lungs to our body, consequently increasing the overall body performance and efficiency.

In particular to women yoga practice result in controlling uneven breathing habits and development of calm and composed nature into our hectic lives.

Performing yoga poses and deeply indulging in it while holding and controlling your breathing that will benefit and transfer all your accumulated energy towards running and other aerobic training.

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