My Story

Every runner has a story, and this section is open for everyone and anyone looking to share each and every story.

To me, endurance sport is much more than a fun hobby or a way to stay in shape. It is a lifestyle that has helped shape my life and inspire me to be a better person.

As a teenager in a small town in Venezuela, I was shy and unmotivated individual, particularly in school. It only took a group of runners, to change my life forever.

Walking alone on the street, when I was about 13 year old, stopped in awe when I saw a group of men running together.

Inspired, I got closer to watch them. To my surprise, one of the men called me over, and seeing that I was interested, invited me to run with them the next day.

I showed up ready to run, despite not having running shoes or athletic clothing.

After feeling the exhilaration of the competition, I made the commitment to show up and run with them day after day. Eventually, I bought proper running attire.

Soon thereafter, I competed in his first race and felt a sense of accomplishment.

From that point on, I focused on training, eating healthy, exercising and doing what it takes to be the best runner possible.

At such point, I believed that you never race simply to participate; you race to win.

Applying that competitive spirit and quest for excellence to all areas of my life, striving to be the best at whatever i do, leading to better grades in school, and a more outgoing personality.

I have competed in races regularly since that time and has recently expanded my repertoire.

I began mountain biking at the age of 25 and in the year 2010 competed in my first sprint triathlon.

I apply my competitive spirit to my everyday life as all endeavors to be the best husband, father, son, friend and person that I can be.

I have started this website: as a way to reach out to young individuals, who need the encouragement and ambition I had nurtured thanks to the special group of men I met on the street when I was a teenager.

I believe that endurance and perseverance in sport leads to the same in life. No matter what task or challenge lies ahead, those who strife the tough times to achieve their goals will find success.

Viktor Q