Improving your Health while Running

Improving your Health while Running, The fat burning game.

Running since long is associated with improving and maintaining your health.

There isn’t far more effective yet simple form as running while maintain your fitness peak as well as improving overall health.

There involves far more health benefits associated with just running and that makes it full-fledged form of aerobic exercise and training.

There are lot more benefits that will keep you putting forward one foot in front of the other such as:

  • Running minimizes Heart Risks:

Running leads to improvement in blood sugar sensitivity, stabilizing of blood pressure, and increase in HDL i.e. good cholesterol.

Hence eliminating the traces of LDL i.e. bad cholesterol thus overall cutting risks associated from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Its an Efficient Fat burner:

Running is an intense and action packed form of aerobic training and exercise, which makes running an efficient fat burning activity.

Since women are more possessive towards their weight and physical aspects and mostly prefer slimmer body. Thereby running is far more efficient as it helps in reducing body weight by burning excess fat and burning additional calories.

  • Running Relieves Stress:

When it comes to stress-free and to curbing anxiety there is nothing better than running and exercising for an hour rather than spending that time sleeping.

Hence running can help women in dealing with mood swings and anxiety control and thereby overall reducing stress associated with our day to day lives.

Whenever feeling low just wear on your running shoes and get running out in open.

  • Running protects against Cancer:

A review and study of 170 studies published in the Journal of Nutrition states that frequent runners are associated with a much lower risk against developing certain cancers.

In current scenario where women are far more exposed towards developing cancers, in particular breast cancer.

Several breast cancer survivors who initiated running resulted in significance reduction in breast cancer reduction and even decreasing mortality rates.

Thus there is rising need for women to develop running habits and hence reducing the chances against breast cancers.

  • Running lets you Live Longer:

Running comes with various benefits in relation to body and mind. It helps to keep calm and composed during hectic day to day routine.

As long-term study conducted on the effects of running for a longer life as published by the Stanford University School of Medicine, study found that frequent runners have more life expectancy as compared to non-runners.

As 85% of runners are still alive leading healthy lifestyles as compared to 66% of non-runners.

  • Running Strengthens Joints:

Running helps in maintaining your joint fitness and keeps them working to the optimum. Being sedentary or stagnant is far more harmful as Immobilization or stagnancy has corrosive effect on joints and running is what that keep your joints lubricated.

Thereby proving beneficial to women which are typically under high risks of developing osteoarthritis in later stage.

Since women are more vulnerable to diseases related to joint failure thus making running a daily habit will indeed help you in future course of life.

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