The Best Cross Training For Running

If you are a regular runner, you know how good running is for your body and mind. Running for recreation is something many people enjoy, and some of the recreational runners with time became semi-professionals or even professionals. It doesn’t mean you have to go on a race if you love to run, but if … Read more

Walking As a Physical Exercise

Human bodies are created for the moving. Ever since the appearance of the first humans, we were walking, running and moving in general. Most of the work done was physical and our bodies adapted to it. Modern humans, on the other hand, don’t move enough. Many people sit while they work, drive to their jobs, … Read more

Yoga for Runners

Historical Genius Yoga might not be as intensive and heart-pounding form of exercise that your frequent running provides, but yoga indeed helps significantly in developing flexibility and strength that no other form of intense activity could provide. Yoga practice is essential for almost all runners out there, as running leads to muscle tightness which could … Read more

Running Cross Training, get your way to fitness

Generally cross training is referred to a combination of various exercises in different disciplines. It is also known as circuit training which is a bit different from those training for athletes. In order to supplement running, when a runner gets trained up by using various different fitness workouts such as cycling, fitness lessons and swimming, … Read more

Benefits of Start Running

The exceptional Benefits of Start Running (article dedicated to Women) Running is by far the most basic and simplest form of achieving physically fitness. On the contrary running being so effective form of exercising yet somehow its benefits are undermined. Although running has always remained a very popular form among the fitness freaks yet running … Read more

Improving your Health while Running

Improving your Health while Running, The fat burning game. Running since long is associated with improving and maintaining your health. There isn’t far more effective yet simple form as running while maintain your fitness peak as well as improving overall health. There involves far more health benefits associated with just running and that makes it … Read more